The 40 Challenge

by Liam O'Regan on January 19, 2022
⁣If you’re looking for new routines to hit your goals for this year and set you up for success then the 40 Challenge is just what you need! ⁣
All of these tasks have been put together based on research and proven by some of the worlds top athletes, entrepreneurs and others looking to become the best version of themselves and lead happier and healthier lives. ⁣
40 Challenge (40 Days) (9 Daily Tasks)⁣
1️⃣ 40 Minute Workout ⁣
- This can be any type of workout that best suits you and your goals. We encourage you to mix things up and try new routines and workout styles. If anyone is looking for workout programs or a more guided schedule, send us a DM! ⁣
2️⃣ 40 Minutes Outside (can be part of your workout)⁣
- Whether it’s a beautiful day or a snowstorm, find some time to get outside. As in life, sometimes things have to get done and the conditions aren’t perfect. This can range from an outdoor workout, walking to work or just reading and reflecting in your backyard. ⁣
3️⃣ Read 20 Minutes (Nonfiction/personal development)⁣
- Reading is an indispensable habit for those who want to be happy and successful. Don’t just read to check off this task. Read to help you become a better person, build a better business and live a better life. ⁣
4️⃣ Journal 1 Page (goals for day/week/year/reflecting/affirmations)⁣
- In a world of chaos, daily journaling can help you create order. Over time you will be able to track your personal growth, reduce stress, find inspiration and gain self confidence by transforming your thoughts and words into actions and results. ⁣
5️⃣ 6+ Hours of Sleep⁣
- A proper sleep schedule and sufficient sleep times can help with an endless amount of things such as loosing weight, improving concentration and productivity, improving athletic performance, heart health as well as your mood and interactions. Like any other task, you must plan for this and set aside time for rest. ⁣
6️⃣ Drink 1 Gallon of Water⁣
- A lot of your problems in life could be solved by just drinking more water. In recent studies it has found that over 75% of people suffer from chronic dehydration. Have you ever felt fatigued, had difficulty concentrating, dry skin, muscle cramps, bad breath, mood swings, body or headaches? You might just be dehydrated…⁣
7️⃣ Daily Progress Picture ⁣
- You might not see the changes from day to day but that’s the point. By staying consistent and implementing these routines by the end of the 40 days there will be a difference. Small incremental improvements will lead to big changes over time. You do not need to post these pictures unless you feel inclined and want to. ⁣
8️⃣ 4 Drinks or Less Per Week (*If 21)⁣
- To see the most benefits we recommend cutting out alcohol completely but we understand that this is not something that most people can sustain long term. And that’s the goal of the 40 Challenge, to establish routines and guidelines to live by far past these 40 days. So if you so choose to drink, choose them wisely. ⁣
9️⃣ Post a Story & Tag (@forty.steps) (#40challenge) on Instagram with 1 part of your Daily Tasks⁣
- This is separate from your Daily Progress Picture that you can keep personal. The photos can range from things like posting your workout, taking a picture outside, taking a picture of the book you are reading, basically anything that ties into one of our daily tasks. ⁣
*If you fail one of these tasks you must start Over on Day 1*⁣
Obviously we can’t see everything you’re doing so you will need to hold yourself accountable to do these daily! If you cheat or compromise any of these to what “works for you” you will only be cheating yourself and wonder why you don’t see the results you’ve hoped for. ⁣
Grand Prize Winner ⁣
- Each Season we will also be picking a grand prize winner that is the person who has shown the biggest transformation either physically or mentally. This person will not only be getting all of the benefits of completing the challenge, but will also get a very special grand prize that we will be announcing at a later date.⁣
Currently in the Winter season which will end March 20th. This Means you must complete (not start) the challenge by March 20th. ⁣
We’re extremely excited to get this going and see you all step up to the challenge!  ⁣