Ambassador Program

The Forty Steps Ambassador program is an exclusive group of like-minded athlete's, fitness professionals and other weekend warriors passionate about health and fitness.

Interested in becoming a part of our team?

Read about what it means to become an ambassador and apply below!

Benefits of Becoming an Ambassador (For All Tiers)


  • Participate in events in your area
  • Travel for Forty Steps events
  • Participating in Photo/Video Shoots

Work With Us:

  • Provide input on your favorite products and what you would like to see us come out with next
  • We will also update you on new products and get your input on important decisions for our brand. (Example: polls for colors of apparel, flavors of supplements, designs etc)

Exclusive Products, Free Products, Discounts, Commissions & Early Access

  • Code to order products anytime. 🎁 The discounts increase after just 1 referral order (see details below).
  • You begin with 10% commissions on all referral orders. 🤑 This increases after just 1 referral order (see details below).
  • Free product alerts notified via email and other exclusive groups

Getting shared on our Social Media Accounts (see below for details)

  • For Your Accomplishments or Posts
  • Collaborating with us on posts

We would love to use your photos on our social media pages and website!

We want to show you off and be the brand and community that supports you throughout your journey.

Our Tier System

Once you are a Forty Steps Ambassador, our tiered system gives you a place to skyrocket your earnings, enjoy free gear and get additional benefits.

Tier 3 - “The Advocate” (don't worry, you won't stay here long)

  • Your starting rank is Tier 3
  • Exclusive 50% Off First Order 🎁
  • Additional 20% on all other personal orders  
  • Access to our Groupme for important team alerts!

Tier 2 - “The Forty Crew”

  • As soon as someone purchases a product through your referral code you will automatically move up to Tier 2 (Wow, that was easy!)
  • LIFETIME 30% off all products
  • Additional 15% commissions on all referral orders 🤑
  • Your referral code gives followers/friends/family 15% off their purchases

Tier 1 - “The Forty Sponsored Athlete”

(Join the 29 Sponsored Athletes & counting)

  • In Addition to Tier 2 Benefits
  • Advance to Sponsored Athlete once you hit 20 referral orders
  • FREE Monthly Shipment of Training Gear
  • FREE Monthly Supplement Shipment
  • Unlimited access to our Training, Recovery and Mobility programs.


Fast delivery

Our Ambassadors get priortized delivery so you can quickly get your gear and show it off.

Wednesday Drops

All new product drops happen on Wednesdays so you get a heads up on the rest of the world.

Private Group

Join our Private Group so you can updated on our launches, sales and more.


Follow "Forty Steps"

  • Instagram ( @forty.steps @forty_gear @fs_supps )
  • YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, & Twitter
  • Join Our Groupme Team (Where we send important information)
  • Sign Up For SMS Messaging

Write or Shoot a Review:

  • Write a review on our website for each Product you receive
  • Send in/Post a review video of a product to receive Rewards and Free Items

Post: On Instagram, Tiktok, or other main social media about our products when we launch or anytime. (Minimum 2x per month)


  • @forty.steps Ambassador in your bio,
  • your refferal link as website in your bio

Tag us: In any post wearing or using our products


How are customer sales tracked?

There are several ways to get credit for a sale:

1.) The customer uses your personalized Forty Steps discount code when they purchase!

2.) The customer clicks on your referral link to navigate to the Forty Steps website for a purchase.

What can I do to make sales?

Posting on social media is not the only way to make sales, although it is an excellent one. Talking to your friends, people in the gym, or teammates is the best way to spread the word about Forty Steps and a great way to make sales! If you love and are enthused by our products and show them that, they will be enticed to go to our website and try our products using your discount code!

How do I track my sales?

We use a program called GoAffPro to track your progress as an ambassador. When logged into your GoAffPro profile, you will see your referral link and discount code to share. You will see your summary of product sales that have been connected to your account and any commission you have earned!

We suggest you save this link in your web browser to keep track of your sales easily!

Can I have a friend make a whole bunch of small $1 purchases so I move up to the next Tier?

No! Using these methods will result in removal from the ambassador program.

How will I know when I make it to the next Tier?

As soon as you make 1 referral order you will automatically move up to tier 2!

Once you Complete the requirements to reach Tier 3 you will then become a Forty Steps Sponsored Athlete!

How long will it take until my ambassador application gets approved?

It could possibly take up to one week to get your application approved. If you don’t hear back from us within one week, please reach out to

Do I need a public Instagram account to apply?


Who to contact for sales, commission, and ambassador issues? 

Please send an email to regarding these issues!